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The Golden Memory


The House,

Photo from the ancient book:

The Golden Memory, Central library of Iblard.

One of the first few houses built in Iblard.

I still remember the day I sat on the rooftop with you,

enjoying fresh wind from the sea. Where are you now?



A personal project which has been on- going since 2007.

Through exploring my own feelings and identity in this project. I am creating an imaginative space named “Iblard”, inspired by japanese painter Naohisa Inoue’s painting. An imaginative space which everyone possessed and yet trying to running away from. A space about imagination and possibilities. As we are growing old, not just our bodies, but also our hearts are getting old. I aim to preserve our soul from being aged, at the same time, reminding people of their own childhood. “Iblard” is a sacred land where everyone can become a kid once again, to explore and experience the joy of being part of the world and possibilities are infinite.


Print details:


Limited edition of 20
Kinmari woodfree paper 140GSM

Sheet-fed Ink

Offset Printing

Hand-signed by the artist, Kristopher Ho

About the Artist:
Kristopher Ho
Kristopher Ho is a freelance illustrator born in Hong Kong in 1986, Ho moved to London at the age of 12. He graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 2009 with a BA in Graphic Design specializing in illustration. Since 2008 Ho’s work has been exhibited in a number of shows in London and various creative projects worldwide. Inspired by movies, Japanese animation, and life, Kris creates in order to share his personal wonderland with the world.
His emotions often conveys his work varies from philosophy to witty romantic from his personal experience.
His client includes Nike (Hong Kong) (Shanghai), Adobe, Shu Uemura, Lane Crawford (HK), Sharpie (HK) and many more.


Manufacturer     How & How


Type                   Art Print


Artist                  KRISTOPHER HO


Product Size


Height: 420mm  | Width: 297mm

The Golden Memory



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